nanus/colvillii Addi syn.Claudia ®

Begin 90’s. In milder climats he will come back every  year, resistant against diseases. Very early with a bit  rougher flower. In full sun at his best but everywhere flowering.No cutflower because of getting curly after cutting.

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This is a variety from a line of hybrids, called orchidiflorus, between modern Gladiolus and Tristis. Hybridized and brought on the market by the Israeli'sunder name of Addi but a mutant out of it selected by us and brought into culture and named Claudia.

Super and striking in the garden by its shining bordeauxred color and his 3 yellow stripes


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Welkom bij GladiolusNL.
Dit is een display van nieuwe,oude,speciale en kleinbloemige Gladiolus. Juni 2017 Veel soort registraties bij de KAVB

Welcome at GladiolusNL
This is a display of new, old, special and smallflowering Gladiolus. Many varietyregistrations at the KAVB.
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