Nanus nanus

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Gracefull and good cutflowers. Height between 75 and 90 cm. It is difficult to trace where the Nanus varieties finds his origin. There are no clear definitions for the nanus also because there is almost no data from which parents these hybrids are coming from. Only that the Latin word nanus means ‘small’. A clear written criteria to become a member of this group isn’t available. Nanus mixed or nanus in general are curley Primulinus/Tubergenii/Colvillei/Ramosus and all kind of other curley smallflowering Gladiolus which are in lenght under 100 cm and has flowers under and till 6 cm. In some lecture and the shape of the plants it looks like that in every variety there are at least 1 or 2 South African winterbotanics in the hybrids. This is totally different to the the stiff newer minigladiolus which are hybrids out of summervarieties. Many varieties are coming and going in this group. The upperparts off all nanus and his related varieties aren’t hardy but they do well when protected or planted in the greenhouse. They do very well planted in latest time of the winter.


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Welkom bij GladiolusNL.
Dit is een display van nieuwe,oude,speciale en kleinbloemige Gladiolus. Juni 2017 Veel soort registraties bij de KAVB

Welcome at GladiolusNL
This is a display of new, old, special and smallflowering Gladiolus. Many varietyregistrations at the KAVB.
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