Nanus primulinus

Nanus primulinusThere are 4 products.

Height between 70 and 80 cm. Hybids with 1 primulinus as a parent. All primulinus are known for their unsensitivity to diseases. In winter they stay completely in rest and start growing at the first warm days in the spring. Typical to the primulinus is that the upper flower petal is hanging down. This is the natural protection during pollination against all kind of wheater influences. Plant them the first year in the spring. The years after, they will survive the winters. Good cutflowers.


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Welkom bij GladiolusNL.
Dit is een display van nieuwe,oude,speciale en kleinbloemige Gladiolus. Juni 2017 Veel soort registraties bij de KAVB

Welcome at GladiolusNL
This is a display of new, old, special and smallflowering Gladiolus. Many varietyregistrations at the KAVB.
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