Nanus Tubergenii

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Height 70 cm. The tubergenii is one of earliest varieties. Plant them in northern Europe in the early spring. You can plant them in southern Europe also just before the winter . Excellent cutflower with a long vaselife.First ever tubergenii, genaamd naar Van Tubergen the hybridizer, was Charm from 1920 the rest what followed were all mutants. This variety mutates a lot because G liliaceaus was one the parents, a specie that mutates by nature.


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Welkom bij GladiolusNL.
Dit is een display van nieuwe,oude,speciale en kleinbloemige Gladiolus. Juni 2017 Veel soort registraties bij de KAVB

Welcome at GladiolusNL
This is a display of new, old, special and smallflowering Gladiolus. Many varietyregistrations at the KAVB.
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