• image A 3th generation familycompany founded in the beginning of the 20th century and right from the start attached with the Gladiolus. Specialized in smallflowering Gladiolus like the Nanus, Collvilei, Ramosus, Tubergenii, Primulinus, and special exclusive varieties. Many hybrids are attached with our familyname and village.
  • image The last years we picked up the hybridizing. The reason is the very small range of smallflowering hybrids and the demand for botanic gardenvarieties. At the time we have a descent number of new smallflowering and extraordinairy varieties in our assortment and we want to share this with you.
  • image We have a number of botanic wild varieties in our range which some of them are lovely scented en also suitable to grow on pots as perennial. The height of these gladiolus starts 15 cm and up. They have mostly an extra ornamental value by making lovely capsules after flowering.
  • image Enjoy this website with Gladiolus in it's magnificent beauty.


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Welkom bij GladiolusNL.
Dit is een display van nieuwe,oude,speciale en kleinbloemige Gladiolus. Juni 2017 Veel soort registraties bij de KAVB

Welcome at GladiolusNL
This is a display of new, old, special and smallflowering Gladiolus. Many varietyregistrations at the KAVB.
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